Inyectados Ariznabarreta – Aluminium die-casting
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Cold-chamber die-casting

Cold-chamber die-casting is ideal for metals such as aluminium, which have a high melting point. During the process, the metal is melted in a kiln at extremely high temperatures and is later dosed in a cold chamber for high speed injection to the die. The pressure, which forces the fluid metal into the narrower sections and compresses it against the walls of the die, achieves an exact reproduction of the part, which is one of the particular advantages of the pressure casting process.

The fact that it maintains suitably high pressure on the metal mass once the die has been filled and the metal is cooling and hardening renders a certain compact quality to the finished part. Thanks to this, pressure die-casting system enables the production of parts with thin walls and complicated shapes, with the result of high surface quality and excellent accuracy requiring very little finishing work.

Part characteristics

  • Very high precision and excellent surface texture.
  • Complex geometry.
  • Many parts per hour, depending on the die cavities and the part characteristics.

Process characteristics

  • Long runs to reduce the high cost of the tools required.
  • Low times and costs per unit (part).
  • High precision: details, tolerances and surface texture.
  • Materials with low melting point; Al.

Die characteristics

  • High quality alloy steel.
  • Highly complex and very expensive tools.
  • Moving precision elements.
  • Cooling system to reduce the cooling time per part.