Inyectados Ariznabarreta – Aluminium die-casting
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Inyectados Ariznabarreta

With more than 20 years of professional experience in aluminium die-casting, we can advise you on the best decision for developing your project.

Inyectados Ariznabarreta S.L. is an aluminium die-casting company dedicated to numerous activities such as the automotive, valve, furniture, lighting, hardware and electrical material industries, founded by siblings José Angel and Gonzalo Ariznabarreta in 1995.

Today in its premises occupying 1,000 m2 dedicated to production and product warehouses, the company has injection machines with clamping forces of 200-500 tonnes. Machines in working cells, composed of a kiln, a metal loader, die lubrication and casting trim press.

We make pieces from 14g to 3kg in weight, depending on the part geometry and die cavities.

Our personalised customer service is the basis for the continuous growth of our market penetration.

Our services

For our work, we either start with the dies brought to us by our customers, or with the dies we design with their collaboration and the advice of our technicians. If the customer so desires, we can improve the performance of used dies not designed by us.