Inyectados Ariznabarreta – Aluminium die-casting
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Pre-industrialisation stage

Technical feasibility study

At our technical office we have a team of engineers who study the part in order to offer the customer the best possible technical and productive viability. We study the best die option using 2D and 3D design and simulation programs to make the product and subsequently offer alternatives to the customer.

Advanced APQP quality planning

  • APQP methodology.
  • AMFE doc study. Production technique /Quality.
  • Production means.

Tool management

  • Filling simulation.
  • Feed systems.
  • Tool project.

Appropriate development of the injection die enables us to offer the customer unlimited guarantee for these tools at our installations, without having to worry about the investment involved.

Approval stage

Initial samples

PPAP documents

If required by the customer, we can draw up PPAP documents to guarantee that we understand their needs, that their product will be made according to their requirements, and that we have a process capable of providing the controlled production of their product with very high quality.

Our technical department works closely with our customers to meet their objectives and requirements on every project in regard to dimensions, technical, logistic, aesthetic or any other factor requested.

Industrialisation stage

Aluminium raw material (ALSi 10Mg - AlSI - ALSi9Cu - AlSi(Cu))

We usually work with: L-2630 AC-46000, L-2521 AC-47100, MS2410D.

This is fine quality raw material, which has successfully passed the quality controls. The ingots also have a certificate of analysis stating that they are suitable for working correctly with the product and for delivering it with the best quality available on the market.

Injection process

  • Tool maintenance.
  • Machine maintenance.
  • Process controls.

Intermediate processes

Separation of sprues, shot peening, vibrating, machining (management of the sub-contracting of external processes if necessary).

Packaging and storage process

We have the necessary human and technical team to provide rapid and efficient response to our customers needs, no matter how urgent they are.